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First Time Around

2016-09-21 13:40:49 by NoahEberwein

I've always heard a lot of good things about this site. I thought that maybe it was time to join. Perhaps I should introduce myself.

Hi! I'm Noah. I'm a theater student who loves acting and composing music. Since I was a kid I've apparently had a thing for music. Now that I'm older, I've had a lot of time to teach myself how to produce it and now I write filmscores whenever a CTV major needs one. I love writing music, and I do it all just because it's fun.

I'd like to share all my music with the world, not only to share with you what I enjoy, but also to get feedback to better myself. I am self taught, so I know there's a lot more to learn.

Anyways, stick around! we'll have a great time!


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2016-09-21 16:42:59

Welcome to NG!

NoahEberwein responds:

Thanks man! I'm looking forward to making memories here!


2016-09-22 08:32:48

Hey there Noah; Welcome to the community!

NoahEberwein responds:

Thanks man! Appreciate it! Hoping to have a lot of fun here.